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Malaga Urban Style

Avenida de Carlos Haya Malaga, Spain Hotel
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Malaga Urban Style
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Avenida de Carlos Haya Malaga, Spain

Some notable attractions and landmarks around the hotel "Malaga Urban Style" in Malaga, Spain are:

1. Alcazaba: A Moorish fortress and palace complex located on a hill in the city center.

2. Malaga Cathedral: A stunning Renaissance-style cathedral dating back to the 16th century.

3. Picasso Museum: A museum dedicated to the works of the world-renowned artist Pablo Picasso, who was born in Malaga.

4. Plaza de la Merced: A charming square known for its lively atmosphere, outdoor cafes, and the birthplace of Picasso.

5. Malaga Port: A vibrant area with restaurants, bars, and shops, offering beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

6. Larios Street: The main shopping street in Malaga, lined with a variety of stores, boutiques, and cafes.

7. Calle Granada: A picturesque street filled with traditional Andalusian houses, shops, and tapas bars.

8. La Malagueta Beach: A popular urban beach just a short walk from the hotel, offering sandy shores, water sports, and beachfront restaurants.

9. Thyssen Museum: Another art museum showcasing a wide range of works from various artistic periods and styles.

10. Gibralfaro Castle: Located on a hilltop above Malaga, this medieval castle offers panoramic views of the city and the coastline.

Malaga Urban Style

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About the hotel


Malaga Urban Style is a hotel located in the heart of Malaga, Spain. The hotel offers modern and stylish accommodation with a contemporary urban design. Rooms: The hotel has a range of rooms to suit different preferences and budgets. Each room is tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, a minibar, and a private bathroom. Some rooms also offer views of the city or the hotel's courtyard. Meals: The hotel's restaurant, El Patio de Beatas, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests can enjoy a variety of Mediterranean and international dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant also offers a selection of wines from the region. For those who prefer to dine outside the hotel, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes within walking distance. Facilities: In addition to the restaurant, Malaga Urban Style offers several facilities to enhance guests' stay. These include a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the city, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a spa where guests can indulge in various treatments and massages. Location: The hotel is centrally located, making it convenient for exploring Malaga's attractions. It is within walking distance of the city's historical center, where visitors can find landmarks such as the Malaga Cathedral, the Alcazaba fortress, and the Picasso Museum. The hotel is also close to the port, the beach, and a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Overall, Malaga Urban Style is a stylish and comfortable hotel in an excellent location for both leisure and business travelers visiting Malaga, offering modern rooms, delicious meals, and a variety of facilities for a memorable stay.


There are several entertainment options near the hotel "Malaga Urban Style" in Malaga, Spain. Here are some suggestions:

1. The Picasso Museum: Located just a short walk from the hotel, this museum houses an extensive collection of works by the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.

2. Malaga Cathedral: Visit the stunning Malaga Cathedral, known for its impressive architecture and beautiful interior.

3. Alcazaba of Malaga: Explore this historic fortification, which dates back to the 11th century. It offers stunning views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Teatro Cervantes: Enjoy a live performance at the Teatro Cervantes, one of the city's most prestigious theaters. They often showcase a wide range of shows, including plays, operas, and ballets.

5. Plaza de la Merced: This lively square is a great spot to sit down at a cafe, people-watch, or enjoy some tapas. It is also the birthplace of the famous painter, Picasso.

6. Malagueta Beach: Take a short stroll from the hotel to Malagueta Beach, where you can relax on the sandy shore, take a dip in the sea, or enjoy beachfront restaurants and bars.

7. The Pompidou Center: Visit the Pompidou Center, a contemporary art museum featuring works by renowned artists like Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and Salvador Dalí.

8. Castillo de Gibralfaro: Take a walk up to this hilltop castle for breathtaking views of the city and the coast. It is also a perfect spot for a picnic.

9. Malaga Park: Spend some time in Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso, also known as Malaga Park. This beautiful park offers scenic views, lush gardens, fountains, and tranquil ponds.

10. Malaga Port: Visit Malaga Port and enjoy the waterfront atmosphere with restaurants, bars, shops, and even boat trips to explore the coast. These are just a few entertainment options near the hotel "Malaga Urban Style." Malaga is a bustling city with a wide range of activities, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Top questions

1. What is Malaga Urban Style?
1. What is Malaga Urban Style?1

Malaga Urban Style is a cultural and artistic movement that aims to promote urban art, street performances, music, and other contemporary creative expressions in the city of Malaga, Spain.

2. When did Malaga Urban Style start?
2. When did Malaga Urban Style start?1

Malaga Urban Style started in 2013 as an initiative to showcase and enhance the urban culture present in Malaga.

3. What can visitors expect at Malaga Urban Style?
3. What can visitors expect at Malaga Urban Style?1

Visitors can expect a wide range of urban art exhibitions, graffiti interventions, street performances, live music concerts, workshops, dance battles, and other events featuring various contemporary urban art forms.

4. Is Malaga Urban Style free to attend?
4. Is Malaga Urban Style free to attend?1

Yes, most of the events organized as part of Malaga Urban Style are free to attend, offering an inclusive experience for locals and tourists alike.

5. Where does Malaga Urban Style take place?
5. Where does Malaga Urban Style take place?1

Malaga Urban Style takes place in various locations throughout the city of Malaga, including streets, squares, parks, galleries, and cultural centers.

6. What is the goal of Malaga Urban Style?
6. What is the goal of Malaga Urban Style?1

The goal of Malaga Urban Style is to promote urban art and culture, foster creativity, and contribute to the cultural scene of Malaga while transforming public spaces into open-air urban art galleries.

7. Can anyone participate in Malaga Urban Style?
7. Can anyone participate in Malaga Urban Style?1

Yes, Malaga Urban Style encourages artists, performers, musicians, and anyone interested in urban culture to participate in the different activities and events. Open calls and registrations are often made for specific events.

8. How long does Malaga Urban Style last?
8. How long does Malaga Urban Style last?1

Malaga Urban Style typically lasts for a few weeks, with events taking place on different dates and times throughout that period.

9. Is Malaga Urban Style suitable for families and children?
9. Is Malaga Urban Style suitable for families and children?1

Yes, Malaga Urban Style aims to be a family-friendly event, with activities suitable for all age groups. There are often workshops and performances specifically tailored for children.

10. Has Malaga Urban Style received recognition?
10. Has Malaga Urban Style received recognition?1

Yes, Malaga Urban Style has gained recognition as an important cultural event in Malaga, attracting both local and international attention. It has helped put Malaga on the map as a city fostering urban art and creativity.

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